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Digital marketing evolves faster than the speed of light. Digital transformation is crucial for each and every organization. This new marketing reality is exactly where and why More Than Digital Day has originated. Savvy top marketers and interesting brands share the insights and secrets that have made them successful. They will help you understand the newest customer experience techniques to boost business results.

Check out the program and do not miss the More Than Digital Day, October 6st at the Microsoft EBC in Brussels.
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June 30 2016

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Ghent, 29/06/2016 – Melexis, a listed global player in the semiconductor and sensors industry and recent winner of the Vlerick Awards, has taken the strategic decision to bring its communications with the outside world more into line with what the company represents. Together with The Reference, a comprehensive rebranding exercise is underway, and a fully revised website is being developed:
Blog Creation and implementation
July 7 2016
Sitecore upgrade - Experiences from the field

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Upgrading from Sitecore 6.x or 7.x to 8.x has (most of the time) not been so easy. But Sitecore has evolved a lot over the years and there are significant advantages in the most recent releases that make upgrading worth your while...
So we will gladly share some tips and learnings from our experience with several upgrade tracks in this article with you.

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It's more than digital, it's your business

The Reference is nothing without its customers. This is a gauntlet of our international customer Ansell, the global leader in protective solutions, for whom we made sales apps, have built the global website and set up specific marketing campaigns today.

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