It is not easy for a company to constantly keep up with the latest online developments, let alone apply them correctly. But do you really need all this stress to keep up with the trends? Is your target group really waiting for a smartphone app?  Do you need to run your customer service via Twitter and is it necessary to set up a Facebook fan page? How can you make the right decisions? How will you organize everything? Which people, partners and tools do you need? Who can help?

It is precisely to answer these questions that we created the e-Beacon - Business Experts and Consultants - division. E-Beacon is a team within The Reference that is dedicated to providing online experts and consultants to companies. These experts work at our clients offices or - on a dedicated basis - from our offices. These versatile digital natives will assist your company in maximizing the return on your online initiatives, both from a strategic or hands-on approach. They help you primarily with the challenges you face in e-marketing and online communications. In this way, e-Beacon clearly distinguishes itself from traditional employment agencies that mainly focus on technical profiles.

The search for a good webmaster or for a suitable candidate for a new position such as a conversation manager or campaign manager is often lengthy and may proceed very slowly. We enable you to get your online project started quickly, while you wait for the arrival of a permanent employee. Moreover, our consultants can rely on the extensive knowledge of their colleagues, which means that their contribution covers a wide range of disciplines. Combined with a transparent knowledge transfer, this is an ideal kick-start for introducing new online disciplines in your company.

Within e-Beacon, we distinguish 6 major types of profiles:

  • Webmasters
  • Specialized experts
  • E-marketing and e-commerce managers
  • Project and Program managers
  • Functional and Business analists
  • Web designers

Discover the profiles that can help you with their expertise and experience to make a success of your digital project.

Download de e-Beacon folder (Nederlands)
Download the e-Beacon leaflet (English)


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