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On June 15th, Emakina Group announced the acquisition of 52% interest in the communications agency, one of the leaders in digital marketing in Suisse Romande, which will now be known as Emakina.CH.


This merger is motivated by Emakina’s strategic interest in the Swiss market and by the similarity in the positioning of both agencies. Furthermore, the structuring of their respective turnovers is very similar, with 80% in digital marketing and 20% in traditional communications. But it isn’t just a marriage of convenience: “Both companies share an “entrepreneurial” philosophy, a culture based on human values as well as on the richness of multilingualism. A character trait particular to both Belgium and Switzerland!” point out Arnaud Grobet and Didier Zanone, the two partners of

… and complementarity

While Emakina is active in automotive, banking and financial services, convenience goods (FMCG), industry, telecoms and institutional sectors, brings its proven experience in the luxury domain, its know-how in the management of large accounts and branding. The Emakina Group now has a 52% majority share in, with a commitment to acquire the balance of the shares held by the founders in 2018.

This initial acquisition represents an investment of 1 million Swiss francs in cash. The final value of the transaction will depend on’s results in the period 2012 to 2017.’s annual turnover in 2011 was 4.5 million Swiss francs.’s turnover in 2012 should be similar to the amount in 2011.

Furthermore, the acquisition of should have a positive financial impact on Emakina Group’s consolidated EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization) in 2012. For the Geneva-based agency, this integration is a fantastic opportunity to pursue its development within a group of European dimensions sharing the same vision of communication in the digital era. As regards’s client base, this change in reality means continuity: Arnaud Grobet and Didier Zanone will remain at the head of the new entity, which will keep its team of 25 employees. This operation will be subject to the conditions of guarantee that are customary in this type of operation and to the final approval of Emakina Group’s board of directors.

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