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Refreshing new websites for Daikin Europe

Whoever wants to know more about indoor climate management solutions can now visit the new websites of Daikin Europe NV, the specialist in this matter both for home use and for use in commercial and industrial areas. The Reference, the full service digital agency from Ghent, was responsible for designing the strategy, functional analysis, sleek design and slicing (in HTML5 and CSS3) of the new Daikin sites for the EMEA countries. After, and numerous other country sites, the last of the 39 sites within the phased planning, will go live before the summer of 2012.

A strategic track in advance

Daikin Europe NV did not want to create its new online presence overnight, and opted for a thorough strategic process in advance. Together with The Reference a thorough analyses of the needs of the EMEA subsidiaries was made. After this the strategy was defined with clear objectives: driving traffic to the dealers and of course conversion. Since Daikin has a complex range of products for different target groups a lot of attention was devoted to the information architecture. Simultaneously, the Internet strategy was translated into a set of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and a continuous improvement program was initiated.

A clear structure and a refreshing look

On the new sites one can immediately distinguish the different customer groups of Daikin. The site has become much more customer focused. The first point for navigation starts from the needs of the customer. According to these needs the right solutions for air conditioning, heating, cooling, ventilation or air cleaning are clearly presented. A wealth of information about each given topic was added. A second approach to walk visitors through the site is through clear application icons that show the way in the numerous application methods overview. Alternatively, specific products can be found quickly and easily through the 'product finder' in the top header. The design was kept sleek and stylish by using a sober color palette with mainly gray tones and a functional use of color and strong contrasts. Beautiful visuals create atmosphere and help to visualize the target.